Syracuse Performance Chiropractic




Becki is awesome and extremely knowledgeable and is more than happy to help with any ailments you may be having with sports performance. Not to mention she’s wicked strong and has all the experience necessary for her to know exactly what she’s talking about!
— Greg Roth

Becki has helped me before and after my last couple of meets. Not sure if I could’ve competed last November without her help on my back. She’s a lifter herself, so she understands exactly what we’re dealing with. Whether it’s a simple alignment or deep tissue work, she’s awesome!
— Cassie Kardias

Becki does fantastic work, especially fixing up tissue problems most performance athletes deal with. She also has experience with a barbell to back it up!
— Adam Diodato

Becki is the only one I trust to work on me before a meet. Highly recommend.
— Jeremy Hillyard